Kids to the Mast 2017

2015-12-02 - Bikex - Kids to the MAST Poster 01.jpg

Conceived as a kid-friendly midsummer version of Blast to the Mast, this parent and child ride should kick off the summer holiday bike adventures in style.

Roll out from the foot of the track to Scar Hill Mast, Pressendye (NJ 52083 08705) on Wednesday, June 21 at 6:30 PM.

There is space for two or three vehicles at the foot of the track, or parking about 500m north at a forestry pullout, meaning a short ride to the foot of the track on a quiet road).

The ride is 7.5km each way, with around 250m of climbing, all on good gravel tracks. We can re-convene at the mast, and multiple Haribo stops are to be encouraged. There are great views on the way up, and from the top.

Bring whatever victuals you and your young ones fancy. From the mast, there is an exciting single track descent which loops back on to the main descent. Stay as long or as short as you fancy up top (it is a school night after all).

In the event of dodgy looking weather, a call will be posted at 9am on the 21st on the Northern Lightweights FB page as to whether we go or not, but at least it won’t be snowy this time…