#makegravelgreatagain – A L B A N N A C H

Those dirt-loving magicians at Albannach have pulled yet another dusty-looking rabbit out their bag of tricks. #makegravelgreat again is a 100km off-road social ride in the hills and forests of Aberfoyle, reuniting the brothers and sisters of Scottish Cross after a few months off. With almost 2000m of climbing, and what organiser Jim Cameron describes as “some spicy bits”, it’s not a day for the faint of heart or scant of rubber, with participants hinting that Nano’s or wider could be the go.

The route scribes a large figure of eight through the Loch Ard and Loch Achray forests, starting, finishing and looping through Aberfoyle.  Full details, GPX/TCX and instructions on how not to be a dick on the Albannach site below.

Source: #makegravelgreatagain – A L B A N N A C H