Round of Alford


The routes described in this guide are split into eight sections, each based on a hill summit. All the routes described here are based on and around these summits, which form a broad ring around Alford. Anticlockwise from North, these summits are Edinbanchory, Coiliochbhar, Pressendye, Craiglich, Benaquallie, Cairn William, Bennachie and Suie.

1. Suie to Brux (Edinbanchory)

2. Brux to Glacks (Coiliochbhar)

3. Glacks to Craiglich (Pressendye)

4. Queens View to Crossroads (Craiglich)

5. Clasholm to Tilliefourie (Benaquallie)

6. Tilliefourie & Pitfichie (Cairn William)

7. Bennachie (Donview to Towmill)

8. Towmill to Suie (Suie)

ROA Overview Section Map-01

These maps are the results of my MTB explorations around my home village of Alford. I began to make sense of the routes and the country around my home, and after a while I could link up a series of trails to do longer rides. When I mapped these rides on Google Earth, I realised that they formed a circuit. Speaking to friends, it was clear that, apart from the better known parts of the circuit (Bennachie, Pitfichie), it seemed no one else was aware that a high level route existed, so I set out to describe it.

Anyone interested in riding in the hills around Alford, locals and visitors alike, should find this guide useful. Because of the nature of the landscape in the area, the routes in this guide are suitable for all levels of rider. Steeper descents, and climbs, are noted in the text but can always be walked, either up or down. That said, there are some fantastic descents on many of the routes. However, a mountain biker of average fitness and ability should have no problem with any of the trails listed here.

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2017-06-23 – Revised GPX updated including new forestry track on Craiglich and adding in a short hike-a-bike to wind turbines to access Section 5 (removing around 6km and 200m road descent/ascent).