Round of Alford






There will be no group ride on May 27th – the snows over winter have brought down a number of trees and made serval sections unrideable.


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Date of Group start moved to 2018-05-27 due to family commitments.

Revised routing on Section 5 to avoid long hikeabike. The new section turns northeast at the col between Benaquallie and Red Hill (NJ 61137 09327), and joins the Pitfichie forest track at NJ 62462 10389. GPX File not updated yet.

Revised GPX updated including new forestry track on Craiglich and adding in a short hike-a-bike to wind turbines to access Section 5 (removing around 6km and 200m road descent/ascent). Link to GPX File

Modified ROA route ridden by GRW (Strava)


The Round of Alford is a 90km MTB loop following the high ground surrounding the village of Alford, northeast Scotland.

This year’s group start is Sunday 27th May, leaving Suie Car Park at 8am.

The routes described in this guide are split into eight sections, each based on a hill summit. All the routes described here are based on and around these summits, which form a broad ring around Alford. Anticlockwise from North, these summits are Edinbanchory, Coiliochbhar, Pressendye, Craiglich, Benaquallie, Cairn William, Bennachie and Suie.

1. Suie to Brux (Edinbanchory)

2. Brux to Glacks (Coiliochbhar)

3. Glacks to Craiglich (Pressendye)

4. Queens View to Crossroads (Craiglich)

5. Clasholm to Tilliefourie (Benaquallie)

6. Tilliefourie & Pitfichie (Cairn William)

7. Bennachie (Donview to Towmill)

8. Towmill to Suie (Suie)

ROA Overview Section Map-01

Link to GPX File